Better call Saul… or Cody?

Your guide for determining whether to call Saul or Cody:

If you accidentally ran over a lil ‘ol lady’s foot with your cart in the beans and rice aisle of your local grocery store… better call Saul.

But… if you have trouble developing and using a budget to control your spending on beans and rice… better call Cody!

If you have a business and one of your male employees is fighting mad because you criticized his new dress and purse combo in a staff meeting… better call Saul.

But… if you have a business opportunity in front of you and you could really use an experienced, creative thought partner to help you unpack the pros and cons… better call Cody!

If your spouse tells you he or she has retained a high-priced attorney, packed up the house and the kids and is leaving you because you continue to work too much… better call Saul.

But… if you, like most people, struggle with the challenges of work/life balance and could use some real life tips and strategies for making positive change for you and your loved ones… better call Cody!

An individual or team might choose to work with a coach for many reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity)
  • A gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
  • A desire to accelerate results
  • A lack of clarity with choices to be made
  • Success has started to become problematic
  • Work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
  • Core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to leverage them

Do any of the above reasons sound like something you have going on in your life? Better call Cody! Click here to find out about your free, no-obligation sample coaching call with Cody Williams.

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